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Learn about our powerful population health management platform

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Our AI-powered bots constantly identify risks in your population
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Powerful data analytics help you understand the overall health trends in your population
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Chat with patients 1 on 1 to resolve risks before they become major health concerns
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See patient profile and chat history

Meet the healthcare bots that patients love

Our bots are designed by a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals and designers. They are rigorously tested so that patients have the best experience possible – that’s why we have such high engagement rates over time. Our bots are also highly adaptive: the more that patients interact with them, the more personalized they become.

Chronic Disease Management

Our Chronic Disease bots focus in primarily helping patients with diabetes, hypertension or at risk of developing those diseases. The bots educate patients and also monitor symptoms and behaviors that may lead to adverse events and alert caregivers.

Health Risk Assessment

Our health risk assessment is used by organizations to segment their populations by risk profile. Unlike traditional HRAs, our Bot is entertaining, adaptive and highly customizable to your organization’s needs.


Our pregnancy bot provides important information and advice to mothers at each stage of their pregnancy and it alerts caregivers in case of common risk factors.

Post-Op Monitoring

TNH Health has created a series of Bots to monitor patients after hospital discharge with the goal of improving outcomes and preventing re-admission


TNH's Wellness bots are highly engaging and effective. The bots currently active are for weight-loss and smoking cessation.

Epidemic Control

Our bots are used by public health organizations to fight mosquito-borne diseases (such as dengue & zika), water-borne diseases, HIV and tuburculosis.